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Make your call management easy

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Here are answers to some questions that are frequently asked about the hospital management system:

How do I place an online order?

All you need to do is to fill up the contact form We will get back to you either by email or call you back within 48 hours.

Where can I get specific product information?

Please browse our features section. Feel free to contact us for any specific information you require.

Why should I choose Reach Fast Products or Services?

Reach Fast offers the best value and quality of service among competing service providers which makes us an ideal choice for companies who want to invest in high quality products at affordable prices.

Can you provide customized solution which we require?

We would be glad to customize any of our solutions to meet your specific needs. Please contact us for further information. We have provided advanced features for customizing and configuring our physician scheduling and message sending system to achieve the desired results within a hospital environment.

Do you offer customized versions of your software to meet requirements?

Reachfast understands that every hospital client has unique requirements. We have created various versions of our physician scheduling and message sending system which can be totally re-oriented for specific customer needs ranging from the smallest to the largest hospitals.

Does your software comply with the latest health care standards?

We have designed our software to exceed every known health care standard in existence today. With a modular design structure, our software can easily comply with any future standards with a few modifications.

What are the security features of your product?

We have integrated various types of secured access controls to prevent data or identity theft from any of our modules. Our products also have grouped and user level access controls which enhance security of customer data.

Can I buy only a single module of your software?

We can also customize any specific module based on client requirements as per their specific needs.

Is your software designed only for large hospitals?

Our software has been designed with a modular architecture, this enables us to customize it for hospitals of any size or scale based on our client requirement.

What types of support does Reachfast deliver to customers?

Our trained engineers are available on call 24X7 to answer any queries or problems which our customers may face.