Make your call management easy

The days when your call records was disorganized are history!

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Make your call management easy

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Simple User friendly interface.

ReachFast has simple web based interface which is very easy to use and get used to.

24x7 customer support.

We offer 24x7 customer support to our customers. You can call any time on (623) 444-5536 or you can drop us an email at and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Control what users can access by using role based access control

ReachFast offers easy to customize role based access control so that you can control what features are accessible to a particular user.

Control all the configuration settings and set them according to your needs.

You can control all the configuration settings and add/update settings according the requirements of your hospital.

IP control for increased security. The application can only be accessed by the authorized IP addresses.

By allowing only authorized IP addresses to access your data we prevent your data from unauthorized access.

Track all the activities performed in the website by checking the Activity Logs.

You can keep track of all the activities performed in the application by checking the activity logs.

Provision for adding new custom modules.

If you want to add any custom module to meet you specific needs, our team of programmers is ready to help you out.

Automated Backup and Recovery Plans.

We regularly backup your data and have recovery plans in place so you don’t have to worry about that.

HIPPA Security Compliance.

Even though we don’t store any personal Identification Information related to the patient but we still comply with HIPPA standards for increased security.